Matthew 17

The Transfiguration/ Healing of the Boy with Fits  & Paying Temple Taxes

The Transfiguration/ Healing of the Boy with Fits & Paying Temple Taxes

Before and after Jesus heals the boy with fits; He deals with two features in  life that  are inevitable; death and taxes.

In Matthew’s gospel, at the height of Jesus ministry on earth, he took Peter, James and John and allowed them to witness His transfiguration and while Peter was equating Jesus with Moses, and Elijah; God’s voice spoke, “This is my Son, whom I love, with Him I am well pleased, listen to Him,” lifting Christ higher. As they came down the mountain, he told them to not be afraid and to not reveal what they had seen till he had been raised from the dead. He shared that he too would suffer at the hands of those who had not recognized John the Baptist as Elijah.  With their minds whirling with what they had seen, death and obstacles must have been incomprehensible

Have you ever been to a retreat, a wonderful mountaintop experience, where you were in communion with God and felt at total peace? I have, but when I returned to home I was overwhelmed with the annoyances of everyday life.  Jesus knew He had to face suffering and death. His communion with God had given Him strength, then he returned to  His disciples  who had again lost their faith. How merciful and patient God is with us. We pray without the faith of a mustard seed. I use mustard seeds frequently when I cook. They are 1 mm size hard, grainy, seeds that are difficult to break up or pop open. In small group we are reading the study on prayer for lent and again God is showing me to be more, earnest, focused and faithful in prayer.

For true healing and transformation to occur, we need to practice the discipline of prayer in and through the Holy Spirit. I realize that too often I have rushed through and used prayer as an after thought. My focus was not on God and His will, but on what I had to do next on my checklist. The work I have to do at work, my roles as Mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend, I allow them to overwhelm my mind; these are my mountains. I forget that God is in control. Just as Christ told Peter to fish and get the 4 drachma coins to pay for the temple tax. He will provide all that I need. We should expect difficulties and obstacles in life, but the discipline of  focused faith-filled, prayer transforms us and those we pray for by His grace and according to His Will. As N.T. Wright notes,” The most important Christians are not the ones who preach great sermons and write great books, but the ones who pray, and pray, and pray some more, sharing the quiet but effective victory of Jesus over all that defaces God’s creation.”



  1. Boy am I confused, why are Fridays a week ahead of us? Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID


    1. Katrina,
      Sorry about that. The schedule was a little confusing because our first Friday was titled :”Friday after Ash Wednesday” in the book. Bina is writing on “week 2 friday” which is actually the third Friday in our series. I’ll talk to Bina.
      Tim Latham

  2. I never realized the impact of Peter equalizing Jesus to Moses and Elijah in his comment during the Transfiguration experience. Thanks for shedding light on that significance.
    I really enjoy reading the Lent blogs every morning.
    The Body of Christ has so much to offer.

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