Saturday Devotional

There are so many distractions in this world that we live in. From the lure of social media to the pressure of keeping up with March Madness and the NCAA tournament- distractions are everywhere. To a certain extent, even good things become distractions in our lives such as exercise, school, and even reading the Bible. For a long time in my life I assumed that just reading the Bible was good enough to keep me in good standing with God. This was a lie. A clever lie that almost anyone would believe, a clever lie that the devil fogged my vision with. I can remember so many days in high school when I would read one verse in the morning (often forget it right after reading it) and think that I had done my Christian duty for the day. This misconception came from doing without understanding. I thought that my action had anything to do with where I was in my relationship with God. Thankfully, God has shown me that I am where I am because He has reached out to me in love since the creation of the world, and His love has brought about a response from me to pursue Him.

Jesus draws us to Him and shows us the way today, just has he drew crowds and taught them about the Kingdom of God when he was a man on this earth. Very few understood it then, and not everyone understands it today because God paints on a canvas bigger than any of us can see. He reveals the picture to us when we need it, so that He can show us what to do and where to go. Where he wants us to go has been made clear to us now. He wants us to go throughout the world and build His kingdom. There is nothing more important. This is the goal. We have to understand this if we hope to follow God. Nothing we do is about us, for us, or because of us. It is because God gave us a second chance and called us into action. If God is anything, then is everything. Therefore, His plan is all that matters.


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