Worship: the true Cinderella story

I’m working on this post on Saturday night. I just finished listening to Dayton upset Syracuse and spend the day watching my friend acclimate to a March Madness with Duke losing in the first round. During the NCAA Tournament, March Madness, we call these small conference schools who achieve notoriety by knocking off the storied programs “Cinderella stories.”  N.T. Wright’s take on Worship reminds me of a much more impressive example of something that transcends common sense.

Wright talks about a retired priest who after decades of worshiping and leading other in the act of worship still had difficulty in defining the term. Psalm 95 grants us great perspective on worship as the psalmist is not addressing God directly; rather he is encouraging us to join in the worship based on what God has done. The ultimate upset is that God whose domain includes the “depths of the earth” and “the heights of the mountains,” who created the sea and the land desires our presence and praise through worship. This morning as we walk into the Chapel, we will be in community with the Creator and Savior despite our flaws and depravity.

We were over-matched with the problem of Sin. Sin was more athletic, faster, stronger and shot 3-pointers with great precision. Christ triumphed over that Sin and we get to worship the Creating Father, the Saving Son and the Present Spirit. I think Dick Vitale would call that a “Diaper Dandy.”

Tim Latham


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  1. I’m thankful to have made the time to catch up on your blog. I have gotten a much needed & fresh perspective on sin and confession.

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