Matthew 17:4-20 Faith that Moves Mountains

Temperament and God’s Position

After blogging last week I found out that in my impetuous intensity I was a week ahead of my fellow bloggers. I beg pardon to those of you that I have confused, so this week I’d like to ponder faith and God’s provision. The temperament that we are born with and how we are wired to be energized; whether we are extroverts or introverts; affects how we behave and react to the world. They can be modified by our experiences, early training; till we develop our personality. Our parents can know us very well and help guide us along a moderate road, but sometimes their temperament is the opposite of ours so we can be hard to understand; a fact that I didn’t appreciate till I had children. Isn’t it amazing how God has made us so beautifully diverse!

When we give control to Christ he gives us wisdom to see ourselves for who He created us to be and grace to gently nudge us on a road that helps show the strengths of our temperament. On most of the traits I am somewhere in the middle but my first reaction is to jump right in and my intensity and perceptivity are on the higher end. I’ve never been very competitive, and I prefer to give in than stand my ground because I am a people pleaser. I was also a perfectionist; everything I did had to be my best. Needless to say there were times I disappointed myself and self-recrimination and guilt would eat me up. Add that to my high perceptivity and I would cry at the drop of a hat. Life’s experiences and maturity resolved some of that; but I still cry at the sad parts of movies and books. Before I allowed Christ in my life, worry and guilt were mountains for me. I worked very hard and was tightly wound; constantly driving myself to be the best.  There is nothing wrong with that, but only one person can be the best and disappointments can pile up.

Faith is taking away that mountain because when I turn over my worries and guilt to Him he moves them away and gives me peace. Christ also helped me to see that he created me intense and perceptive with a quick first reaction, so I could appreciate His creation and share its beauty with others. He helps me see the green pastures he placed me in. He gave me a mission to wake others up to His magnificence. Faith in Him has given me the freedom to relax. I still jump into things but He is helping me take one step at a time. He has connected me with many people who speak wisdom into my life. I was working on a painting at the church we attended in upstate New York and couldn’t stop tweaking it. My friend helped me let go. He told me about a great master artist in ancient China who had great acclaim. People came from far and near to buy his paintings and appreciate his work. One day a new apprentice was preparing a newly completed piece for a buyer and noticed an obvious mistake and in agitation pointed it out to the master. The master simply smiled and said, “ Only God is perfect.” He always left an obvious error so that in his creativity he did not deflect glory from God. That is faith. Despite his status, he aimed to keep God first. May we gain and strive for that wisdom.


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