Today’s scripture and N.T. Wright’s commentary on Psalm 130 impressed on me the importance of patience. The Psalmist starts out distressed but remains hopeful for the eventual redemption. Too often in my life, patience is a word I use in place of anxiety, hesitation, or annoyance. When I have to wait on things, I’m waiting in apathy, not wanting to move forward. Sometimes, I’m confused, not sure of the right step. In other instances I’ve grown disinterested or frustrated because of the problem and it’s refusal to fix itself. However, the Psalmist does not grow disheartened despite the dismay around him.

I don’t know what kind of season you are in. You could be extremely happy where everything is going your way. You could have recently lost a loved one or having difficulties at work or at home. Personally, I’m in a season where exciting things are happening but there are still some important issues up in the air, some ambiguities that require patience. This Psalm levels that playing field. If the Lord marks our iniquites, we all fail and are in the most miserable position possible; but if the Lord forgives, then no matter our failings, we are blessed with great fortune. So, let us be considerate of our sins, thankful for Christ’s sacrifice and patient for the redemption of Easter.

Tim Latham



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